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On Collaboration: Scores for Drawing

In this presentation, Birgitta Hosea talks about the collaboration between herself, Maryclare Foá, Jane Grisewood and Carali McCall that resulted in the book Performance Drawing: New Practices Since 1945 (Bloomsbury, 2000).

Using material from chapter 3, in itself a collaboration between herself and Foá, she considers the score as a form with which to invite participation and unexpected results when working with others. The presentation concludes with an overview of a participatory project in live animation.

Line Dialogue VI, 2013

Line Dialogue VI (2013), Carali McCall and Jane Grisewood

30-minute performance drawing in front of live audience, charcoal and graphite, overall 400 x 200 cm. ‘Draw to Perform’ exhibition at Performance Space, Hackney, London.

LineDrawing_[PerformanceSPACE[ - documentary image 1LineDrawing_[PerformanceSPACE[ - documentary image 3LineDrawing_VI [PerformanceSPACE[ - documentary image 2

Draw to Perform

Draw to Perform is a three-day symposium on performance drawing curated by Ram Samocha at Arbeit Gallery and the ]Performance Space[ in Hackney Wick, London from 5-7 December 2013.

Carali McCall and Jane Grisewood will perform live on Thursday 6th December at the ]Performance Space[ between 6-10pm. Maryclare Foa and Birgitta Hosea will give a performative lecture as part of a series of discussions and talks about performance drawing on Saturday 7th December from 2-6pm at the ]Performance Space[.

For documentation of Carali McCall and Jane Grisewood’s performance see: http://janegrisewood.wordpress.com/2013/12/10/draw-to-perform.

The Sense of Drawing: An Approach to Drawing, Marking and Experiencing Time

Senses and Sensibility in Lisbon
6th UNIDCOM/IADE International Conference, 6-8 October 2011
and Drawing Research Network Conference, 5 October 2011
IADE, Avenida D.Carlos 1,4, 1200-649, Lisbon, Portugal

Carali McCall and Jane Grisewood are presenting their paper, The Sense of Drawing: An Approach to Drawing, Marking and Experiencing Time, at the 6th UNIDCOM/IADE International Conference in Lisbon on 6 October. The paper discusses collaborative drawing practice through their work in the performance drawing collective with Birgitta Hosea and Maryclare Foá, focusing on two previous works that address drawing as way of knowing and communicating how the body traces and experiences duration. It references Fluxus, and engages with theories and concepts by Deleuze and Merleau-Ponty to develop the notion of becoming and the experience of the body in space and time.

In addition to the paper, on the preceding day at the DRN conference, Carali and Jane will be performing a new work that explores the physicality of ‘drawing a line’. Shifting beyond drawing that marks, it will test the energy and reciprocity between their bodies in movement.

Drawn Together Artists Websites

We are associated with the International Centre for Fine Art Research.

Each member of Drawn Together has a website documenting their individual practice:

Maryclare Foá
Jane Grisewood
Birgitta Hosea
Carali McCall

Drawn Together… an introduction

Images from Drawn Together

MaryClare Foá’s performance drawing is in response to the environment. She investigates how a drawing affects an environment and how that environment might affect that drawing.

Jane Grisewood uses the ‘line’ and the process of ‘drawing’ lines as a way to explore notions of temporality and transience, place and memory. The line is a journey, a between space, always in movement.

Birgitta Hosea investigates animation as performance. Can animation be seen as a type of performance? Where is the site of the performance? Is the process of creating animation performative?

Carali McCall’s artwork traces the relevant essential aspects of process within performance art and sculpture and contributes to locating the specific area she defines as process-led performance art.