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Drawing Research Forum Video

Here is the video from the Drawing Room gallery’s Drawing Research Forum on 20th May 2022, which features Maryclare Foa, Birgitta Hosea and Carali McCall talking about Performance Drawing 2021 [click the image to view directly in Vimeo]:

Updating this blog

Oh dear, we’ve been too busy to update this blog for a few years, so over the next few weeks, we will be posting updates about some of the recent activities that we have been doing individually or collectively.

LONDON / BERLIN: Anschlüssel

Exhibition: Anschlüssel at Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawings
(Heidestr. 46 – 52 10557 Berlin).
Dates: 9th September – 29th October 2011
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11 am-6 pm

This survey curated by  Andrew Hewish of the Centre for Recent Drawing (C4RD) London, seeks to present the vibrancy and depth of drawing production in London and Berlin. From recent graduates to the well established, these artists operate from within an understanding of the complexities of drawing values, of Anschlussel: speculative, connective, unorthodox – unlocking links wherever a line might lead. The exhibition will transfer to Centre for Recent Drawing, London, in 2012.

Included in this exhibition are Maryclare Foa’s works – Drawing Your Desire (2006) and Line Down Manhattan (2003).

Drawing Your Desire (2006)

Line Down Manhattan (2003)


Performance Drawing Collective

The artists’ group formerly known as Drawn Together (Foá, Grisewood, Hosea, McCall) have renamed ourselves the Performance Drawing Collective (PDC) in order to describe our activities more clearly. The title of this blog will remain ‘Drawn Together’. We are currently developing new projects, which we will announce soon.

SKYPE vs Night Sky: Pictures

During this telematic drawing performance on 16/02/11, Drawn Together created a large wall drawing in response to a projection of a live video feed of the night sky on the island of Papay Westray, off Orkney. Materials used included graphite powder, pencil, water, chalk and white light from a torch.

Video of the performance was transmitted live back to the Papay Nights Festival via SKYPE and was projected as part of the Festival’s Opening Night. The performance featured spoken word commentary transmitted by SKYPE from one of the group’s members who was in Australia.