Drawing Research Forum 20/05/22

Maryclare Foá, Birgitta Hosea & Carali McCall will present Performance Drawing 2021 at Drawing Room London’s Drawing Research Forum on Friday 20th May.

To mark the first anniversary of the publication of Performance Drawing: New Practices since 1945 (Bloomsbury 2020), Maryclare Foá, Birgitta Hosea and Carali McCall organised a residency, a virtual exhibition and a series of events to extend the initial exploration of works in the book to consider the future of practice at the intersection of drawing and performance. Adopting a collaborative, post-Lockdown, curatorial perspective, a range of in-person and online events were held expanding the notion of the gallery into different spaces and platforms including the Centre for Recent Drawing, Hundred Years Gallery, KunstMatrix, Zoom and Instagram. The international artists exhibited in Performance Drawing 2021 (Adelaide Damoah, Maurice Moore, Piyali Ghosh, Ram Samocha, sophie bartholomew) show work made since the date of writing that expands the themes of the book into new directions. In dialogue with these artists, Foá, Hosea and McCall worked together on a residency at C4RD to generate new ideas and new practice.

In this presentation for the Drawing Research Forum 2021, Foá, Hosea and McCall will present and reflect upon Performance Drawing 2021 and the experience of curating and creating for different audiences across multiple platforms. They welcome the opportunity for peer review and feedback that this symposium will afford.

For more information and to book a place click here.

Images from the virtual exhibition hosted by C4RD and created with KunstMatrix:


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