The Sense of Drawing: An Approach to Drawing, Marking and Experiencing Time

Senses and Sensibility in Lisbon
6th UNIDCOM/IADE International Conference, 6-8 October 2011
and Drawing Research Network Conference, 5 October 2011
IADE, Avenida D.Carlos 1,4, 1200-649, Lisbon, Portugal

Carali McCall and Jane Grisewood are presenting their paper, The Sense of Drawing: An Approach to Drawing, Marking and Experiencing Time, at the 6th UNIDCOM/IADE International Conference in Lisbon on 6 October. The paper discusses collaborative drawing practice through their work in the performance drawing collective with Birgitta Hosea and Maryclare Foá, focusing on two previous works that address drawing as way of knowing and communicating how the body traces and experiences duration. It references Fluxus, and engages with theories and concepts by Deleuze and Merleau-Ponty to develop the notion of becoming and the experience of the body in space and time.

In addition to the paper, on the preceding day at the DRN conference, Carali and Jane will be performing a new work that explores the physicality of ‘drawing a line’. Shifting beyond drawing that marks, it will test the energy and reciprocity between their bodies in movement.


One response to “The Sense of Drawing: An Approach to Drawing, Marking and Experiencing Time

  1. Completely fascinated to read and look at your performative drawing events.
    Especially by the relationship of drawing to the space and location, as
    well as the collaboration between the two artists who are physically joined
    by the bands. I am doing performance related drawings, and it’s incredibly confirming and exciting to see that this is a natural form of Art and exploration interpreted in distinctly individual ways. Thank you for sharing it !

    Lisa Joffe

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