Mapping Observation Dialogue: DRN Conference 2010

The 2010 Drawing Research Network conference at the University of Brighton started with a keynote speech from Deanna Petherbridge who contextualised the themes of Mapping, Observation and Dialogue ending with an entreaty to remember visual observation through acts of intelligent looking. This was followed by a series of workshops that featured a range of responses to the conference themes from blind drawings that explore kinaesthetic space (Doris Rohr) to beautifully observed, extended, observational drawings from life that resist the system of one-point perspective which places the viewer at the centre of the viewing experience (Amanda Roberts and Juliet MacDonald).

Complimenting the speakers were a series of poster presentations that included a poster by Drawn Together which engaged the conference participants in dialogue. Getting a special mention for its ‘sociability’, this poster invited conference attendees to draw for us or to give us instructions for future drawings.


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