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Photos of ARC: I draw for you performance

Day 9. Thursday January 21st. ARC: I draw for you performance at the Centre for Drawing, Wimbledon.

The four members of Drawn Together drew on the gallery wall with graphite and white light according to instructions written on cards that were called ARCs (Action Relay Collaboration). All photos by Nick Manser and the artists.

the ARC cards

an ARC


External collaborators

Day 9. Thursday January 21st. I draw for you residency at the Centre for Drawing, Wimbledon.

Drawn Together would like to thank our fantastic collaborators who sent us drawings in response to our ARC instructions. They also sent us ideas for ARCs, which we used in our I draw for you performance. Their work was displayed together on a wall in the Centre for Drawing. They sent their work from the UK, Canada, Germany, Romania, Finland and the USA and included:

Mary Banda;
Carolyn Bew;
Traian Boldea;
Julie Brixey-Williams;
Maija Burnett;
Jax Horswill;

Greg Murr;
Lucy O’Donnell
Laura Perrin;

Clare Smith.


External collaborators

All the ARCs (Action Relay Collaboration)

Day 9. Thursday January 21st. I draw for you residency at the Centre for Drawing, Wimbledon.

All of the drawings that had been generated during the residency from ARC instructions sent by text message and email were displayed side-by-side on the gallery walls.


ARCs 13 & 17

Day 5. Friday January 15th. I draw for you residency at the Centre for Drawing, Wimbledon.

ARC 13.

Draw in response to Laurie Anderson – O Superman – clip subtitulado!
Youtube posting Libexec 8:26


Carali McCall in process of doing ARC 13.


ARC 17.
Stand face to face with someone and mimic their noise.


Maryclare Foa and Carali McCall complete ARC 17.

International ARCs

Day 6. 18/01/10. ARC: I draw for you, residency at the Centre for Drawing Wimbledon

In this project, Drawn Together are writing a series of instructions for drawings that are sent to different members of the the group by email, spoken instruction or SMS text message. Today we are sending out ARCs by SMS text message to some of our external international collaborators. These will be emailed back to us, printed out and displayed on the wall during our events on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd January.

International ARC

Sent to Traian Boldea, Bucharest.

International ARC

Sent to Maija Burnett, Los Angeles.

Maryclare Foa’s new website

Maryclare Foa now has a new website at:

Drawing with light

Day 4. 14/01/10. ARC: I draw for you residency at the Centre for Drawing, Wimbledon.

Experimenting with drawing in light, its combination with graphite and the live body. This is done using a Tagtool.

Tracing the groupExperimenting with the TagtoolTracing the groupThe Tagtool set-up

Thanks to Mr J W Hosea for building the Tagtool box and its electronic components.

ARC 4: Drawings in the snow

Day 3. 13/01/10. I draw for you residency at the Centre for Drawing, Wimbledon.

System is now in place for us to respond to a series of instructions for drawings that we call ARCs (Action Relay Collaboration). We are sending these to each member of the group by SMS / text message so that we can read and respond to them in whichever location we find ourselves.

ARC 4. Find a drawing in the snow. Photograph it.


A drawing in the snow

ARC 4: A drawing in the snow. Mobile phone photos by Birgitta Hosea.

Jane Grisewood ARC4*

Digital photos by Jane Grisewood.

ARC in progress: Collaborative drawings with SKYPE

I draw for you residency, Day 2: Tuesday 12th January
Maryclare Foa doing collaborative drawings using SKYPE. She was drawing with Greg Murr in Berlin.

Collaborating with SKYPECollaborating with SKYPE

ARC: I draw for you performance

Drawn Together are in residency at the Centre for Drawing Project Space, Wimbledon from 11-22nd January 2010.

Performance Thursday 21st January 1-2pm followed by a discussion 2-4pm.

Wimbledon College of Art, Merton Hall Road, London SW19 3QA. For directions click here.

This residency, ARC: I Draw for You, brings together our diverse practices including live action, markmaking and sound with time-based media. The methodology for ARC (Action Relay Collaboration) follows on from Drawn Together’s project for Joined Up, a contemporary collaborative drawing exhibition in 2009, where we brought together different material surfaces and marking tools and worked to a series of rules. It is inspired by Maryclare Foa’s individual practice, in which she constructs scores as instructions for collaborative work that takes the form of ‘drift drawings’. She developed ARC as a method to include artists from different locations in one collaboration during this residency. We will be utilising this process as a way to interact both within the group and with external international practitioners. Various forms of communication will include face-to-face, verbal and written, SMS text message and Skype. We will document the work on this blog.