‘Joined Up’ at the Vault Gallery, Lancaster

Drawn Together are featured in the ‘Joined Up’ exhibition in the Vault Gallery, 60-62 Church Street, Lancaster, LA1 1LH, from 27th November- 12th December. This exhibition, which is curated by Katrina Dainton and Michelle Fava, shows work by groups of artists from different disciplines who have created collaborative drawings together. See review here.

To create this work, the group devised a series of methods in which their drawing would be effected or restricted by the presence of the others. The resulting drawings are displayed as a unit of four. The drawings are held by nails so that they are on top of one another, but can still be seen in isolation and flicked through. For Drawn Together, this symbolises the four individuals who came together to create works that have collective authorship. They will be exploring and developing further methods of collaboration at the Centre for Drawing in Wimbledon in January 2010.

Drawn Together drawing together… devising a series of methods for collaborative drawing

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