line process echo repeat2

Drawn Together Residency at the Centre for Drawing, Wimbledon, March 2009.

line process echo repeatfeatures work by MaryClare Foá, Jane Grisewood, Birgitta Hosea and Carali McCall. These four artists, collaborating as ‘Drawn Together’, address their relationship to body and presence, time and space.



Tracing a dialogue with the line in their individual practice, ‘Drawn Together’ collectively materialise performances incorporating mark-making, animation, sound and video. Drawing through sound, Foá develops a drawn score and contemporary songline, while Hosea creates a digital performance with projected animation. Led by process and repetitive movement, Grisewood and McCall perform a one-hour wall drawing, marking time and challenging endurance.

In line process echo repeat2 the artists’ diverse practices intersect through the shared concerns with how performative drawing can in different ways reveal temporal and spatial understanding on place and space.Their personal approaches allow numerous narratives to be played out in a single location. 



MaryClare Foá’s performance drawing is in response to the environment. She investigates how a drawing affects an environment and how that environment might affect that drawing.

Jane Grisewood uses the ‘line’ and the process of ‘drawing’ lines as a way to explore notions of temporality and transience, place and memory. The line is a journey, a between space, always in movement.

Birgitta Hosea investigates animation as performance. Can animation be seen as a type of performance? Where is the site of the performance? Is the process of creating animation performative?

Carali McCall’s artwork traces the relevant essential aspects of process within performance art and sculpture and contributes to locating the specific area she defines as process-led performance art.


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